Softwood and hardwood timber products

from responsible forestry.

SwedTimber produces sawn spruce and pine for a variety of uses. The company’s hardwood sawmills produce sawn and planed wood from beech wood.


Production from different sawmills in Sweden, Austria and old Yugoslavia countries provides access to a complete range of products. This enables us to meet our customers’ planed and sawn timber needs by offering a broad range of products in terms of dimensions, moisture content, quality and strength, as well as varying degrees of processing, such as preservative impregnation and painting.



1- Spruce products

SwedTimber offers Spruce wood from Sweden and Austria.

Spruce products feature excellent strength properties and are suitable for construction. Customers in the construction and do-it-yourself sector are the principal buyers of these products.

2- Pine products

SwedTimber offers Pine wood from Sweden.

Pine has good characteristics for joinery and molding purposes as well as use in packaging and pressure-treated products.


Hardwood products

SwedTimber offers Beech wood from old Yugoslavia countries. We produce steamed beech wood boards, we identify the beech timber grade which offers you the best value for money.


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